About us

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We are a language school and translation centre which offers an individual plan to each student and client, customizing our program to fit your needs and level.

Having a long-term experience in the translation industry and teaching Italian, professor Gorana Rajčić, the director and founder of Boutique Lingua language school and translation centre, has created a language centre offering a distinct approach to learning foreign languages and all types of translation.

A completely individual approach to each course or translation ensures the results of the highest quality, provided in accordance with deadlines, set optimally.

Our team of professionals who share their love for languages, our teachers and translators are the happiest when they have the opportunity to share their knowledge and love for communicating in different languages. 


That moment when we start to grasp a foreign language is beautiful. It unveils a whole new world of people, cultures, customs and possibilities. Our goal is to convey this sensation to our students and clients through offering a student oriented learning approach.


To become a synonym for a high quality and fun learning experience of foreign languages, and to deliver complex projects that are flawlessly translated.


By customizing programs to cater to the individual’s and company’s unique specifications and levels, we create the best results.

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